Monday, April 12, 2010

Degreed Slumlord Talks Smack

We all knew it was coming, but to have a notorious slumlord pontificate about "college degrees" has a certain..........ahhhh.........taste to it, no?

Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway chided County Executive Scott Walker Monday for his lack of a college degree.

Holloway raised the issue during a presentation before a meeting of Milwaukee area municipal leaders at Wawautosa City Hall, saying he had a broader perspective on county issues than Walker.

"I have a master's degree and he doesn't even have a bachelor's," Holloway said. He later said Walker had a narrow, high-school view of issues and tended to view things in black and white.

....whereas Lee Holloway sees things in terms of broken windows, busted toilets, and unheated flats which produce a lot of free cashflow.

Yah, there is a difference.

Lee has an MA in what? The Art of Screwing Tenants?

Didn't know that them there matchbook-back colleges offered such a degree.


J. Strupp said...

....and yet Scott Walker, in fact, does not have a college degree.

Deekaman said...

And your point, Struppster? I know plenty of morons with college degrees...especially MBAs.

But, of course the arrogance of the elite....

Amy said...

So? Drive down Wisconsin Avenue or on the east side some day. There are lots of kids working toward degrees that can't cross a street. A degree is not required for political why all of a sudden is this an issue?

And what school offers a BA in Slumlording?

J. Strupp said...

My point, Deek, is that Scott Walker never finished his degree.

Deekaman said...


TerryN said...

I never finished mine. I didn't want the cut in pay. College is overrated and overpriced.

J. Strupp said...

College is cheap and one of the best long term investments a person can make.

Unless you graduate from Marquette with a degree in general studies or something.

or you spend the money to go to college and never finish.

Dad29 said...

Well, Struppster--while I agree with your thesis in THESE times, I argue that back a number of years ago (say the 1950's/'60's) one could obtain an excellent high-school education to which college didn't add all that much (with the usual exceptions: medicine, engineering, law).

And as you know, "knowledge" is not something which only 'colleges' dispense.

NOW, of course, one can obtain a degree in Wymyn's Studies and claim to be better-educated than a graduate of high school.

And Wymyn's Studies, like Economics, is oh, so.....Knowledge-Based!!

jimspice said...

Anti-intellectualism on the right deems the lack of degree a plus.

Dad29 said...

And the hope that people are unable to discern achievement motivates the Left's intellectualoids.

J. Strupp said...

Agreed Dadster.

jimspice said...

Quayle, "W," Palin. 'Nuff said.

neomom said...

Got my MBA 10 years ago just so I could have the piece of paper which my company found important. While college was interesting, I have learned 10X more, and more valuable, stuff out here in the real world through experience. Why? Most professors live in theoretical models and have never held private sector jobs.

Don't discount bright folks who achieve just because they don't meet an over-hyped model of what intelligence "should" be.

J. Strupp said...

Professors live in theoretical models and case studies because it's, um, school. The idea that you should somehow learn more in the classroom than at your place of employment doesn't make any sense. You learned more through experience because it's your actual job. To my knowledge, no one denies on-the-job experience trumps what you've learned in the classroom.

Likewise, professors don't pretend that real life is a theoretical model. Theoretical models prepare you to work with real life scenarios. Some you use, some you don't.

Finally, keep in mind that you are arguing for the idea that priests no nothing about marriage or raising children because they have no real life experience on either subject. I think most Catholics would agree that priests have a great deal too offer on these subjects even though they have never, personally, experienced either.

neomom said...

"o my knowledge, no one denies on-the-job experience trumps what you've learned in the classroom. "

Ummm.... If you read the post and many comments in this thread, there are those that deny it plenty.

Denigrate it even.

J. Strupp said...

"If you read the post and many comments in this thread, there are those that deny it plenty."

There are no comments that deny this.

Holloway is an idiot.

neomom said...

You can go back to jimspice's anti-intellectual comment for a more overt one.

I would argue that Holloway is far more anti-intellectual than Walker - regardless of degree status.

But we can agree that Holloway is indeed an idiot. Its a start :-)