Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Attacking the Pope? Not Really

From Italy, a politician and philosopher sees a much larger agenda.

The target ain't the Pope.

...This war against Christianity is a total war. One has to look back to nazi rule or communism to find anything like it. The means change but the end is the same: today as yesterday the aim is the destruction of religion. Then the price paid by Europe was the loss of her freedom. ...

And you'll see some very familiar phrases in the following:

Or, looking at the political side of the secularist war against Christianity, barbarity will mean the destruction of Europe. Because, once Christianity is vanquished, we would be left with multiculturalism, which claims that each group has a right to its own culture; with relativism, which claims that every culture is as good as any other, and pacifism, which denies the existence of evil.

Ironic that this article emerges on the same day that Our President makes changes in our nuke-defense policy, no?

This is the same President who declared that 'the US is not a Christian nation', inviting a New Multiculturalism; the same President who is a committed Relativist regarding human life.

No wonder, as Goldman observed, that the Nihilists think this is their day.

And that they now have the opportunity to take Christianity 'off the table' in political discourse.

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GOR said...

Yes, MercatorNet is a good source. And for those who seek to blame celibacy for the abuse, there was the article quoting the German criminal psychologist - Han-Ludwig Krober - himself a lapsed Lutheran and currently a non-believer.

His withering comment: “Incidentally, from a purely statistical point of view, you are more likely to get pregnant from kissing than become a paedophile because you are celibate.”

Great quote!