Thursday, March 11, 2010

Will Flynn Demolish the Police Department?

Badger Blogger/Melnick runs an expose on new MPD 'thinking' installed by Ed Flynn. Here's a part which struck me as very significant:

The mentality of “there’s nothing a detective does that can’t be done by a patrolman” ignores three hallmarks of good investigations: experience, training and specialization. Detectives working in various specialties, like Sensitive Crimes or Homicide, go to specialized training. They work certain types of crime day-in, day-out…they become good at what they do. Flynn’s approach sends the message, “none of that matters…anyone can do this job.”

Another hallmark of good investigations under assault is specialization. Prior to Flynn, the organizational chart of the MPD broke detective assignments down into categories like Robbery, Property Crime, Violent Crime, Homicide, etc. Soon, the distinctions will be made based upon geography…not type of crime. So, just like the expectations made of the patrolmen, detectives will soon be expected to be jacks-of-all-trades…master-of -none.

Most private businesses have 'specialty' professionals--whether in purchasing/materials, HR, or manufacturing--because these individuals have experience and knowledge which others (even other generalist professionals) simply do not have. It is the same in banks and in CPA and law practices.

Yes, there are certain 'common skills' which all cops (and others) must have. But Flynn has embarked on a dangerous course for Milwaukee and its citizens.

Plenty more at the link, other excellent points. Read it all.

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