Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teh Won's HealthCare: Not Wanted Here

You could cherrypick, or you could read the actual polls.

If you look at the 12 most recent independent polls on, you'll find every one of them shows that more people oppose health care reform than support it, and most of the polls show a significantly wider margin of opposition than Benenson [a White House propagandist] suggests.

Four of the dozen polls were by Rasmussen, and they generally show a wide margin of opposition. But the Quinnipiac poll showed a 19-point margin of opposition; the Pew poll showed a 12-point margin, the PPP poll an 11-point margin, the Public Opinion Strategies poll a 12-point margin, the Newsweek poll a nine-point margin, and the Ipsos poll a six-point margin.

However, it polls MUCH better in QueenNancy's private office.

HT: Examiner

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Deekaman said...

You evil neo-cons don't get it. The elites are much smarter than you and know that only they can save you from enslavement by evil corporations by making you a slave to the government.