Friday, March 05, 2010

Pentagon Shooter: The Usual Crap

The Christian Science Monitor tells us that he's a "right-wing extreme" guy.

Actual reporters, on the other hand, discovered:

The Pentagon shooter is linked to several gay rights groups along with PETA, NPR, various drug legalization orgs, Greenpeace and Al Franken.

And he's a registered Democrat.

HT: Gateway


Jeremy R. Shown said...

NPR? National Public Radio?

Uhh, I've also been "affiliated" with NPR.

J. Strupp said...

So you say it's the usual crap and then you indicate that the guy was a big lefty.

The usual crap indeed.

Amy said...

No, J. Strupp, the "usual crap" is that people always try to make them out as right-wing extremists, when the evidence is...ahem...quite to the contrary.

J. Strupp said...

...and if you believe that you'd be as loony as the people saying this guy's a right-wing extremist.

Which was my point in the first place.

Dad29 said...

Struppster, the MSM tried its best to label him a right-winger/TEA Party type.

That's no surprise at all. Just like the job they did on the IRS dive-bomber.

neomom said...

Or the professor in Alabama...

Actually, any high-profile crime is immediately attempted to be linked to the tea-party movement and "right-wing" extremists. Then after its all found to be crappola, there aren't any retractions. So for those that only get their news from "MSM" they think that its those on the right that are violent.

Until the internet, that used to be far more effective.

J. Strupp said...

Dadster, AND THEY WOULD BE WRONG IN DOING SO. Both sides should take this goof for what he is. A goof.

Let's not make a political thing out of it.

I'm not condoning either side.

Neomom. I have yet to see a comment from you that doesn't represent the exact opinions of what one would hear on 1130AM and/or Fox. I have a feeling the right-wing media machine is equally effective in distributing it's messege.

neomom said...

Glass houses J.Strupp - 'cuz you aren't exactly deviating from said media syncophants or HuffPo with original thought. Ie - now that said whack job is found to be a lefty whack job instead of the ubiquious fearsome "right-wing extremist" bogeyman its OK to just call him a "goof".

J. Strupp said...

Strange. I had a comment here too that must have got caught in the spam filter.