Thursday, March 04, 2010

On WellPoint Rate Increases

A little information goes a long way, and it's information you won't hear from Obamamamamama.

...WellPoint CEO Angela Braly explains that “higher premiums were justified by soaring medical costs and added that, “health care providers were charging more to the private sector, “including our members,” because payments from Medicare and Medicaid did not fully cover providers’ costs.” She also explained that many younger and healthier enrollees have dropped their coverage because of the recession. They have higher priorities when finances are tight.

....she noted that premiums in New York are double what they are in California because of New York’s guaranteed issue and community rating requirements – which Congress wants to apply to the entire country.

Not to mention that ObamaCare will "adjust" premiums for people under 40 years UPWARD, while "adjusting" premiums for older folks downward.

Sure. That makes sense.

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