Friday, March 05, 2010

Oh, Yes, Abuse of the Rules IS a Problem

Herbie and Rusty pose for holy pictures.

Both Feingold and Kohl said selfish lawmakers, not the rules, are the problem.

"While I am always willing to consider reasonable proposals to change Senate rules, the real answer is for Americans to hold their representatives accountable for their actions," Feingold said.

Kohl agreed, saying: "Senate rules aren't the problem, abusing them is, and we should hold senators accountable when they hijack the process."

I'm sure they mean "RECONCILIATION" abuse.


By the way, Rusty, your accountability will end around Election Day this year.


Billiam said...

Sorry, Dad. I think Feinie gets re-elected. This state shifts more left every year. I'll be surprised if these idiots don't return him.

neomom said...

Looks like Tommy! is the only guy with a shot. Any rumors on whether or not he's going to quit his Brett Favre act and make a decision?

Billiam said...

Tommy is a RINO. He might be marginally better than Feinie, but not by as much as everyone seems to think. Just my opinion, of course.

neomom said...

Certainly Tommy is a RINO. But I'd bet he would have voted no on HealthCare... And since WI is shifting more to the left, a Tommy may be the best that can happen for now. Kind of like Scott Brown in MA.

Isn't it better to have someone with a 70% conservative rating than someone with close to 0%?

Anonymous said...

Again, vote the lesser of two evils. Hilarious.

I wonder who's more undesirable--RINO's or CINO's?

Criticize RINO's, but elect them against a Democrat or when no other conservative candidate exists.

Criticize CINO's, but try to get them removed from office (if a politician) or have them ostracized from the Church.