Friday, March 12, 2010

ObamaCare Will Be Aborto-Care

AP reports:

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman said Thursday that the leadership will try to secure the necessary 216 votes to pass the bill without reworking the divisive abortion provision.
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jimspice said...

Could you point out the part of the bill that specifies federal payment for abortion, please?

Dad29 said...

Extensive coverage of the issue is available through Google.

In essence, however, the Bill circumvents the Hyde Amendment by pushing "women's health services" money directly to non-Gummint agencies (Planned Parenthood) and through channels NOT covered by Hyde.

And OF COURSE it's not labeled "ABORTION MONEY HERE!!" any more than CIA allotments are labeled "SPY MONEY HERE!!"

Or are you that naive?

jimspice said...

Oh, I'm familiar with the issues. I could suggest you Google it yourself, but I'm sure we'd still come to different conclusions, mine right, yours wrong.

There is no money in the bill for abortion, and in fact, it specifically precludes fed money from being spend on it.

If I am wrong, point it out in the bill. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and need it spelled out for me.

Dad29 said...


For openers, consider Pelosi's statement yesterday afternoon that she 'will not fix' the language to comport with Stupak's objection.

That would seem to be a prima facie admission that Stupak's position is correct.


go here:

and scroll about halfway down. The specifics are spelled out pretty clearly.

jimspice said...

Nope. Nothing there points to anything in the bill that endorses abortion. In fact, the bill puts more restrictions on funding than are currently in place.

Would it influence you if you knew The Catholic Hospital Association supports the bill?

Dad29 said...

The "Catholic Hospital Ass'n" is an interest group of hospitals. There's a lot of money in AbortoCare for no, they do not have an influence on me.

Sorry that your comprehension skills are lacking. You want an "endorsement" of abortion, it's in ObamaCare, it's in Waxman's mouth and mind, and it's going to cause a LOT of trouble.