Wednesday, March 03, 2010

News From the Other Planet

That planet which is occupied by the WackoLefties, of course...

...But animals suing? For most people, the very idea is a surreal fantasy out of a Far Side cartoon. But from the viewpoint of animal-rights ideologues, nothing could be more logical. The dogma of animal liberation demands the obliteration of all animal industries and, eventually, the eradication by attrition of all domesticated animals…

What could further the eradication goal more dramatically than allowing domesticated animals to sue their owners in court?

By the way, two of the "names" supporting that are Lawrence Tribe (Hah-vahd) and Cass Sunstein (some damn place in Illinois.) Sunstein has been mentioned as an Obama-nominee for some spot or other--perhaps SCOTUS.

Thought you'd like to know.

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Al said...

Already knew a while ago, but there are still way too many who don't. These guys are VERY scary. & typical of the Obama administration mindset.