Monday, March 01, 2010

More on What Passes for Music in Catholic Churches

Gee. This is familiar.

But the music in Catholic Churches — recognizable worldwide, by the way, from its earnest, inoffensively tonal strains, its simple (and incessantly repeating) sub-Broadway-melodies accompanied by mediocre piano music. It is inoffensive, but also unflattering, uninspiring, and completely interchangeable piece-to-piece.

...It’s like having the Bible translated by Hallmark Card writers, just to achieve mass appeal

Yah. More at the link here.

HT: Scelata


krshorewood said...

You're a Catholic? Who would have guessed.

Amy said...

As usual, nothing substantive to say, huh, KR?

I hope, with the reforms of the liturgy, music becomes more worthy of worship, rather than the saccharine that passes today.