Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The McDonald of McDonald v. Chicago

Another bunch of info you'll NEVER see in the MSM. After all, McDonald's lawsuit (now in SCOTUS), was financed in part by the NRA.

Otis McDonald is a 76 year old African American Democrat who moved here from Louisiana at the age of 17, got married, landed a job as a janitor and was promoted to building engineer. In 1972 he and his wife found they could afford to buy a modest home on the far South Side. Repeatedly that home has been broken into.

One time Otis called the cops and the intruder told him he had overheard the phone call and for that he was going to kill Otis McDonald. He didn’t.

Otis McDonald then piled into his car and drove 200 miles to Springfield to attend his first gun rally. It is likely the Supreme Court will uphold Otis McDonald and ditch the stupid handgun ordinance which is used by liberals as their weak attempt at fighting crime…keeping honorable people from defending themselves.

The media…which largely lives in more protected areas than Otis McDonald can afford…believes with their entire bleeding elitist hearts that Otis should not own a gun to defend himself. Which is why we don’t hear much about Otis McDonald from them.

Instead we hear and see that raving egomaniacal lunatic Farrakhan saying that whitey is going to kill the president.

--Tom Roeser

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TerryN said...

FWIW, I was nego^H^H^H^H sitting in traffic near the loop today and had on 560AM for traffic updates. The announced the results of a poll question on approving concealed carry in Illinoize. 99/1 for it.

Realize that this station appeals to adults.