Monday, March 08, 2010

Is Flynn Burying Barrett's "One Name?

While MPD Chief Ed Flynn seems to have a no-nonsense approach to crime, perhaps that doesn't apply to ALL crime.

Like, for example, Tommy Barrett's see-no/hear-no/speak-not about vote fraud.

Milwaukee police officers sat on their hands for months last year instead of investigating possible voter fraud cases from the 2008 general election.

Bice goes on for a while before we get to the REAL information. (Albrecht is the City's Deputy Election Director. Landgraf is the Ass't DA responsible for prosecuting voter fraud.)

"I believe the batch, which included the voter registration application and the corresponding returned (address) card, probably numbered around 400-600 (out of approximately 60,000 EDRs)," Albrecht wrote, using an acronym for election day registrations. "Any idea as to the status of these?"

Landgraf responded that Milwaukee police had responsibility for looking into these cases. It's not unusual for many of these postcards to be returned, officials said Friday. The cards may not be deliverable because voters move or the address may be recorded or typed inaccurately.

The prosecutor then said cops had put election-related matters on the back burner for the first half of last year.

"We obtained MPD's attention in May or June, at about the same time when the Department of Justice (Division of Criminal Investigation) stepped up to start the work that MPD should have commenced immediately after your referrals," Landgraf wrote.

"We obtained MPD's attention....." is codespeak for "They really don't want to do this work..."

To Bice (and any other observer) there's a good reason that the rank-and-file coppers were avoiding this as though it were nuclear waste: Flynn doesn't like his guys playing with political stuff, especially when that stuff splatters mud (or whatever) all over Tommy Barrett.

Gee. No WONDER it's so hard to come up with "Just One Name."

Somebody's burying the bodies.

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Anonymous said...

The Chief was busy doinking little Miss Manners to notice some vote fraud. Oy vei.