Friday, March 05, 2010

Have a Chase Bank Credit Card?

If you have a Chase Bank credit card, be very, very, very careful.

If you:

  • Exceed your credit line.
  • Do not pay on time (even once)
  • The bank believes you will be either unwilling or unable to pay because of "information they receive" (like, for instance, because your credit report discloses you didn't pay someone else?)

The bank can immediately close your account without notice AND DEMAND YOU PAY THE ENTIRE BALANCE ON THE ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY.

Oh, and when you can't (because you thought you had time to pay) you are then in default again for not paying "on time" and they can sue and add attorneys fees and costs.

According to Ticker, that policy went into effect in February.


Dan said...

Fact of the matter is that unless you owe many thousands of dollars and have the ability to pay, they probably won't sue.

Amy said...

I wouldn't bet on that, Dan.

Joseph said...

Chase will screw you. Go to another bank. RUN TO ANOTHER BANK