Monday, March 15, 2010

Get the Popcorn, and Watch This

The JS did us all a favor by covering the HabushHabushHabush v. CannonDunphy caper.

There'll be a whole new set of lawyer jokes soon.


Tim Morrissey said...

The bigboys at HHR "weren't aware" of all the perks they get for spending tons of money on, in essence, their defense is "we didn't know". I would expect no less from high-priced litigators.

GOR said...

So would you term this "high-tech ambulance chasing"...?

With all of the Ads for law firms seeking to outdo one another ("My awards are bigger than your awards..."), I commented to my wife recently: "All cases have a winner and a loser - so where are all the losing lawyers?"

Her response: "They don't advertise"...:)

Anonymous said...

"so where are all the losing lawyers?""

Ask Mike Plaistad, he knows.