Friday, March 12, 2010

Data Games from WI DWD

Seems that the Wisconsin Dep't of Workforce Development kinda switches its data-source now and then.

The most recent announcement yapped about a 'gain' of jobs.


...the unadjusted data ... shows 289,900 Wisconsinites out of work, up from 251,300 a month earlier, and a net loss of 71,700 nonfarm wage and salary jobs from the last month, and once again more government jobs (420,600) than manufacturing jobs (417,600). --(Un-named super-secret source)

The DWD release used "seasonally adjusted" data in its release.

However, DWD was perfectly happy to use "unadjusted data" in its headline for the April '09 release.

Lemmeeeseeee heah, Gomer......s'pose it has something to do with the Bush=Bad, Obama=Good thing?

Heaven forfend!

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steveegg said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED they'd pull that Bravo Sierra.

Seriously, it's whatever numbers look better for what Tom Blumer aptly calls the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy.