Friday, March 12, 2010

Damn Near Russia, Part 23,465: We Have a Secret!!

It's an old story, but some of you may not have seen this.

Kewaunee resident Mike Rodrian can relate. The DNR in 2005 told him to stop construction of a storage shed on his property because he was building on wetlands.

“I got all the permits to do it from the town and county and had already spent over $40,000 building it,” Rodrian said. “I had the concrete poured, the walls up and the trusses on, and then the DNR came in and said I had to stop and basically tear it down.”

Rodrian refused, which prompted a state lawsuit the Wisconsin Department of Justice ultimately dropped. The state dropped the case, Rodrian said, because a DNR representative had taken pictures of his property before and during construction without telling him to stop before work began.

That's an excerpt from another story. A leggie has proposed that DNR be required to issue 'wetlands maps' to property-owners on demand, instead of hiding in the bushes and suddenly deciding that "you can't build here."

DNR evidently thinks that wetland locations are secrets that only THEY can know--until you've spent wasted a bunch of money.

My question: Why hasn't this been in force up to now? Question Two: Why doesn't DNR share its knowledge with the local units of Government?

Whassamatta those idjits?

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Anonymous said...

Why do they wait and keep it a secret? I have to wonder whether a check of donation records is done by the DNR before they decide to march in and shut things down.

Billiam said...

I'd also like to know what they define as a wetland, and, pardon the pun, if said definition is fluid...