Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Condescension, Thy Name is "Priest"

Here's an example of flagrant and abusive condescension.

A parish priest responded to a parishioner's email about ObamaCare.

It is so unfortunate that you have such a myopic vision and have made the conscious decision to NOT learn anything about Social Justice, that you would rather listen and believe the words of Hannity and Limbaugh rather than [local bishop's name] or any Roman Catholic authority on the teachings of the Catholic Church especially in the area of Social Justice and the Social gospel.

I was contacted by Bishop _____ and [another bishop's] Secretary. They both were disappointed in your mindset and your refusal to learn what the Catholic Church actually teaches. I pray that someday you will spend the time and effort to learn, understand and comprehend the Church's view on Health Care Reform, Immigration Reform, and the understanding that the Body of Christ isn't made up of only those people you believe to be given the recognition. With that being said, I do not want you to send me any E-Mails or forward any articles that are contrary to the teachings of the Church. I pray that God may have mercy on you (emphasis added).

Besides the (somewhat juvenile) writing style and the Holier-Than-Thou-By-At-Least-Several Orders of Magnitude asininity, the priest offers nothing--NOTHING--to support his position, aside from a document of USCC.

Which document, by the way, has NO moral standing (aside from the life issues). In other words, the USCC has an opinion.

That's about it. Woop-tee-doo.

On two other (different) topics, I've seen exactly that attitude from priests, who seem to think that Ordination, ipso facto, brings near-infallibility to their little heads--so much so that no amount of experience, education, or knowledge of a layperson is deserving of much more than a haughty little *sniff*.

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