Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cheese Writes Whine

This guy, Ed Perkins, doesn't like 'transparency' when it bears a message.

The latest hidden mandatory add-on is a "health" charge added to restaurant bills. As far as I know, this scam cropped up first in San Francisco, but you can count on it to spread.

The rationale for this one is to cover the employers' mandatory contribution to the City's "Healthy San Francisco" health-coverage system. The charge actually is levied on employers, but at least some restaurants are adding a few dollars or percentage points to each customer's bill to cover this charge.

The restaurants' excuse for assessing this charge separately is to let customers know how much they're paying for employees' health coverage.

And on and on and on for several more grafs. Enough for a whole whine-cellar of MadDog 20-20.

I think the restaurant owners are to be complimented on their openness.

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