Monday, March 01, 2010

Brett Thompson

Kevin's "Favre/Thompson" quip is not only brilliant--it endures. He even gets credit for it in this Morrissey item.

After noting a Politico article which says that TT has begun turning on the valves and switches necessary to fire up a campaign, Morrissey opines:

...the Rasmussen poll appears to have pushed Thompson into something approaching action. And well it should; the other GOP candidates trail Feingold despite his low level of popularity in Wisconsin. Thompson gives Republicans an option for a credible candidate who can compete with Feingold’s stature in a statewide race.

One question will be whether Thompson is conservative enough to excite the Tea Party backers, but let’s face it: replacing the most liberal member of the Senate with anyone willing to at least oppose the thundering statism of the Democratic majority would be well worth it.

Morrissey is subtly pushing a canard about TEA Party folks.

Just in case Ed missed it, there was a US Senate election in Massachusetts recently. The winner is a RINO who's openly stated that he thinks John McCain is a wonderful (R).

He won because TEA Party people voted for him. Thompson will also win votes from TEA Party folks. Maybe not tons of money, nor 'voiced' support.

But it's the votes that count.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I can't wait to hear the liberal comments from the usual suspects....

"Tea party members are sell outs if they vote for a RINO."

"Tea party members are no better than two faced politicians."

"Tea party members who vote for a moderate aren't conservative."

The reality is that in this liberal hell hole state, any true Tea Party member would take the opportunity to oust Feinie for a RINO any day of the week.

Wall ain't gonna get it done. Someone like TT needs to step up. Neumann, obviously, can't figure out that he is in the wrong race. TT is currently our best hope.

I just wish he was more conservative.

Anonymous said...

You said it, Disgruntled, you said it!

Criticize RINO's...but vote for them as the "least desirable alternative". Who cares about principles when there's an election to win. What a joke!

Any "true TEA Party member" should not hesitate to support candidates against past or present legislators who have run on the platform of limited federal government and then have turned their backs on their commitments.

And if you think Wisconsin is such a "liberal hell-hole state", move to Texas!

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Hey Anony, in a two party system, I'd rather see a RINO than a tax and spend Statist/Liberal any day of the week. Anybody but that egomaniacal ass Feingold.

Oh, and I would move out of this liberal hell hole if I didn't have family here. Although I wouldn't move to Texas, it'd be FLA.