Friday, March 05, 2010

Borrow Money to Give It Away!

Interesting factoid:

In George W. Bush's last full year in office, we spent $29 billion for "international affairs." The lion's share of that was foreign aid. In FY 2011, the year for which Congress has begun to budget, spending for international affairs and foreign aid is to jump to $54 billion and continue to surge through the Obama years. --PJBuchanan

So Congress proposes to BORROW $54Bn so the US can send it off to other countries as "aid."

I don't have a problem with disaster-aid, such as what we spent in Haiti, or will likely drop in Chile. That's the kind of stuff that (by and large) only the FedGov can do efficiently, using the term loosely.

But what's the matter with $29Bn? Or $30Bn?

Or only $20Bn?

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neomom said...

We should not only stop doing that, we should also cut off the funds we give to the UN and the IMF.