Thursday, March 04, 2010

Another "Catholic" for Abort-o-Care

There are plenty of twits like these, who claim "Catholicism", and plenty of them wear habits, too.

Not many knock down $600K++/annum, though.

...the U.S. Catholic Sister Carol Keehan, D.C., president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association supports the healthcare legislation and wonders if opponents of Obamacare are truly pro-life.

She asks "For us as Catholics it's very hard to be pro-life when we don't give many many mothers who are pregnant care. Or we don't give pediatric care, well baby care or sick baby care to children. We have nine million uninsured children in this country. That's not pro-life."

Sister Keehan urges Congress not to table the bill.

Perhaps Sr. Keehan will volunteer to join all the actual Catholics who DO practice the corporal works of mercy. Lots of them are in and around Milwaukee.

There would be a pay-cut, of course.



Al said...

After seeing Sr Carol Keehan on EWTN Live & dancing arround what Raymond Arroyo had to say, this doesn't surprize me. & I'll bet if you asked her, she would say that this is not supporting abortion either.

Maybe we can get her a job at Dr. Damon Stutes Fort Abortion.

Dan said...

A nun makes $600K? Aren't nuns supposed to take a vow of poverty?

Dad29 said...

If she's playing by the rules, the money goes directly to her order of nuns.

So she's not buying Benzes by the dozen.