Tuesday, February 02, 2010

You Think Milwaukee's TV News Is .......Inadequate?

Milwaukee TV news outlets have taken their share of beatings.

But compare to Chicago:

Last week, Nobel Laureate, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, and former president of Poland, Lech Walesa, traveled to Chicago to endorse a political candidate for governor of Illinois.

Who he endorsed doesn’t matter. The fact that he is here endorsing anyone at all should be considered newsworthy.

Unfortunately for Chicago residents, and the Polish community specifically, if you get your news from the city’s local television stations, you might not have even known that he was in town, let alone that he attended a Tea Party, and endorsed Adam Andrzejewski for governor.

No big deal. Some old guy named Lech.......what?


Tim Morrissey said...

And, had what's left of the Chi-town elektronik media deigned to cover this event, the mispronunciations of Walesa's name would have been legion....

neomom said...

Kinda funny down here in our uber-small market of Wilmington. Whenever the local media try to ignore conservative stuff like tea parties and such, the people attending all flood their switchboards asking when they will show up until they do.