Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, Then, STOP "Trying to Do Something"

The 'we have to DO something' line... from the dupes in the Wisconsin legislature.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for specific numbers, Soletski (D-Kill the Economy) said, and there’s nothing wrong with healthy debate. But, he said, criticism is meaningless if bill opponents don’t offer solutions.

“Look, I want to see the numbers too, and we’re working to get them,” he said. “But I also want input, not people standing on the sideline chucking stones at the back of our heads while we’re trying to do something.”

Opponents don't 'offer solutions' because THERE IS NO PROBLEM. You want to put Wisconsin in the Doylet because of "global warming." If you read the newspapers--or even watch MTV news--you'll find that "global warming" is a myth, spun for the profit of AlGore, George Soros, and other sharks, privateers, and charlatans. So get off your moral high-horse, dupe.

It never occurrs to these poor twits that "doing something" can be destructive--like, for example, costing Wisconsin 43,000 jobs, and costing each Wisconsin utility-user about $1,000/year in extra utility payments, and costing $16Bn in useless power-generation construction, and .......

Just shut up and go home. That'll save on gas and gaseous emissions.

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