Sunday, February 07, 2010

Two Words for UW: Supply, Demand

Well, this will be interesting.

University of Wisconsin System President Kevin Reilly has appointed a new commission to help make the case for increasing employee salaries.

Reilly says the Competitive University Workforce Commission will take an in-depth look at the salary, compensation and benefits received by faculty and staff and how they compare with comparable universities.

He says in the past, the university has argued with little success that employees' salaries are simply below average and must be increased. He says the commission will take a closer look and examine areas where there are salary gaps but also point out where there are not.

The commission will be chaired by Regent Michael Spector and Kathi Seifert, a retired executive at Kimberly-Clark Corp.

I would expect that the committee will find a number of areas in which the supply/demand ratio is VERY much in UW's favor.

And some which are not.


Deekaman said...

No doubt the desired result will be found. And the taxpayers will lose again.

Dad29 said...

As you know, a "job description" can be created to INclude or EXclude a whole lot of people.

You want to find a three-spotted cow with red face, you'll pay a lot for that.