Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Think Doyle Still Believes in "AGW"?

In the last several weeks, it's become obvious that the "Manmade Global Warming" meme is actually myth. It's 'last century,' and fraudulent to boot.

The UN's IPCC reports have been shredded by revelations that their predictions of Apocalypse Now are based on anecdotes, non-peer-reviewed studies, and misprints. Temperature readings were skewed by placement of the recording devices. The Keepers of the Flame in England turn out to be like a high-school-girls' clique in temperament and method.

And actual scientists now wonder what effect atmospheric water vapor might have on climate.

Doh. Water vapor is.......what?........twenty-plus-percent of the atmosphere.........DOH!

Meantime, James E. Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin, pushes his "fight-global-warming" Statism.

The governor also pleaded for passage of a 174-page bill to fight global warming by setting new, tougher renewable energy standards, easing the current prohibition on new nuclear power plants and creating what he says will be up to 15,000 "clean energy" jobs by 2025.

The bill is a delicate compromise between environmentalists, other special-interest groups and some businesses who see growing market share in the changes. But, so far, no Republican has promised to vote for it and business groups and the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation point to a think-tank study saying such regulation could eliminate more than 43,000 jobs

AGW is bogus. The "jobs" number is bogus. The "nuke easing" line is bogus. But the costs? They are not bogus at all.

If Doyle presses this, it will confirm that Doyle is still living in the last century, just like his pals Feingold, Obey, and Kohl.

And if it takes pitchforks and ropes, it will be stopped.

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Tim Morrissey said...

I have several lengths of rope which are at your disposal. My brother-in-law owns a dairy farm in Outagamie County and no doubt has pitchforks stashed away somewhere. He's also asked his cows to stop farting and belching.