Saturday, February 06, 2010

Statesman or Politician? Paul Ryan's the First

Paul Ryan's been noticed lately, leading a local Lefty to speculate:

Paul Ryan is peaking too soon.

That would be the case if Ryan were running for some new office. But he holds one now, and is likely to be re-elected. Moreover, he's repeatedly stated that he intends to keep his position as ranking Member of the House budget committee. It's a bully pulpit, and he does a very good job there. (It's also possible that in 2011 he'll be Chairman of that committee.)

Ryan is not only visible and recognized by Obama (!!) as a serious player, but the playground is the national interest, not just another political campaign.

He's made it clear that Obama's budget is a suicide-note for the US; that our children and THEIR children will be financially crippled by the debts incurred should Obama's proposal pass as written; and that this crippling WILL have a deleterious effect on the US' military strength, as well as the country's economic vitality.

Ryan has also been brutally honest about the spending pattern of the GWB Administration. He's not playing favorites.

That last graf, dear reader(s), is what separates statesmen from politicians. Ryan is not concerned about self-promotion for the sake of a Senate seat (or Wales, for that matter.) He's concerned about the future of the country as a whole.

You don't have to like all of Ryan's proposals. But they MUST be considered, and not from the perspective of a partisan hack.

By the way, it is very interesting that the speculation from Folkie drew only ONE response. Even his Lefty band-mates respect Ryan's integrity.

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Anonymous said...

Guy voted for TARP, raising the debt ceiling, big pharma...yep, quite the statesman.