Monday, February 01, 2010

Say WHAT? A Tax for Kohl's Playground?

Glad Wiggy caught this, because I missed it.

He's discussing the "new" idea of substituting a sales-tax for the proptax now supporting public screwels.

This six percent would not include the additional half percent 63 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties are already charging. It would not include the proposed sales tax increases to cover transportation expenditures under Regional Transit Authorities. It would not include the Brown County sales tax to pay for the Lambeau Field renovation. It would not include the sales tax for Miller Park, including the proposal to expand the sales tax to cover the Bradley Center. It would not include the proposed sales tax for the parks in Milwaukee County. You get the picture.

The decrepit, ancient, falling-down Bradley Center is no longer capable of pulling the revenues Sen. Herb Kohl needs for the Bucks.

So.........increase the TAXES to pay for a new(er) edition?

By the way, the rest of Wiggy's effort is worth reading. Yes, subbing salestax for proptax is stupid (and hardly the end of take-your-money ideas.)

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