Sunday, February 07, 2010

Palin Derangement Syndrome::Define Democrats Dour

Palin Derangement Syndrome has almost replaced Bush Derangement Syndrome for the LeftOWackies--see, e.g., Folkbum's pathetic little swat of this morning.

PowerLine muses that PDS is a reaction to Sarah's upbeat personality, which is a distinct contrast to Pelosi, Doyle, and other professional miserabili of the Democrat firmament. How can anyone be so happy, so positive, in these times of doom? Ululation is demanded!

Not hard. They'll be out of power in about a year.

Another possible reason: Palin's comments on Paul Ryan.

PALIN: we have some strong -- some young Turks in this party. Paul Ryan -- I'm very impressed with Paul Ryan.

WALLACE: Congressman from Wisconsin.

PALIN: Yeah. He's good. Man, he is sharp. He is smart, articulate. And he is passionate about these commonsense solutions that America has got to adopt to get us on the right road.



Deekaman said...

Ryan? We've known all that for a while now.

PDS? They are running thin on the efficacy of BDS. They gotta have something.

capper said...

Meh. Compliments from someone that has to write her notes on her hand is not a compliment. It makes the TOTUS thing seem pale in comparison.

But, hey, run either one, if that's all you got.

neomom said...

Maybe if Obama wrote some notes on his hand he'd have remembered that we only have 50 - not 57 - states. Or that a corpsman is not a corpseman.

Deekaman said...

Yeah, the same ol' hard-hitting comments from crapper. Laughable. Again. Those of us who believe in the promise of the United States and the Constitution are winning. You aren't. Deal with it.

(ok, big guy...come back with the "you are really stupid" comment. I'm ready for it)

capper said...

Winning what? Oregon?

Deekaman said...

We'll talk in November.

Or after the Revolution. You Leftys have no idea what's about to hit you.

Whatever. You're laughable.

capper said...

No. I'm not laughable. I'm laughing. At you.

Deekaman said...

Of course you are. You guys are so adorable when you're in denial.

I repeat...whatever.