Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Obama? How About Abortobama?

The bloody hands of ideology, in the Obama budget.

President Barack Obama released his FY 2011 budget on Monday and it contains provisions that will force Americans to pay for abortions in the United States and promoting abortion abroad.

The domestic abortions will be in the District of Columbia, fulfilling the dreams of Margaret Sanger; but there's more.

...Congress has previously approved budgets that retain a long-standing prohibition on the Legal Services Corporation, which provides legal help to lower-income Americans, providing legal counseling to any person or entity “that participates in any litigation with respect to abortion.”

Page 1284 of the proposed budget Obama submitted to Congress includes a change to that law that would result in LSC funds going to people or groups that engage in abortion litigation provided that LSC funds are not used directly for the litigation.

So YOU will be paying lawyers to fight the Hyde Amendment, too.

The Culture of Death now occupies the Oval Office. I wonder what his daughters think of that.

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