Friday, February 12, 2010

No Answers from Doyle Gang

Scott Walker takes the sensible position on the Doylet Line.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker said Thursday the state should pass up the federal government's offer of $823 million for a high-speed rail line linking Milwaukee to Madison and Chicago - unless millions more for operating the line come with the deal.

...The state's application for the federal railroad aid estimated operating subsidy costs at $7.5 million a year for the Milwaukee to Madison link and $8.1 million for upgraded service on the existing Hiawatha line between Milwaukee and Chicago, according to the state's application for federal high-speed rail money. The annual subsidy would grow to $28 million for both links by 2022.

Those are "estimates." In Gummint-ese, "estimates" of spending are usually .......ahhh......lies.

Adam Collins, a spokesman for Doyle, ...did not respond to questions about how the state would cover the operating costs of the high-speed rail line.

There are two possible responses: either reduce State spending on roads and bridges, OR increase taxes. They are the ONLY two possible responses.

Now you know why Collins 'did not respond.'

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