Monday, February 15, 2010

MU Student Senate: Down With Catholic Teaching!

Yes, it's only the student senate, and one expects frivolity from the kids.

Last night, the Marquette University Student Senate passed a resolution condemning “prejudicial attacks” on gays and lesbians, claiming that “On Marquette’s campus LGBTQ issues in the past have been overlooked” and that “LGBTQ individuals have been subjected to intentional and unintentional prejudicial attacks . . . .”

Well, OK.

But the intrepid Warrior then tells the rest of the story.

The true intent of the resolution was revealed when a conservative senator proposed the following amendment, to be added to the text:
Espousal of traditional Christian or specifically Catholic teaching on homosexuality shall not, if done respectfully and in the appropriate context, be considered a “prejudicial attack” or an expression of “prejudice.”
The amendment was voted down!

Let's hope that the adults on campus will simply ignore the chilluns' rants.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

This kinda reminds me of the terrible news coverage following the passing of JP2. I remember watching the round-the-clock coverage in which they were polling "Catholics" and asking them what they wanted in their new Pope. A variety of inane garbage came up in their 'findings' and this is really no different.

Can anyone clarify when Catholicism become a populist religion?

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

They must be talking about Marquette in the Bizzaro Universe unless things have changed markedly in 23 years. When I was there, LGBTQ(BFD) was in full flower and you took your life in your hands using the restrooms in the library.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone clarify when Catholicism become a populist religion?

Anonymous said...

The university does a good enough job ignoring the kids when students request the Tridentine Mass...