Friday, February 05, 2010

Maybe Abp. Listecki Could Send a Letter to His Priests...

And that letter could include this material from Badger Catholic.

...As she waited, a gentleman walked into the church and waited right outside the door of the confessional where she was waiting. Disheartened, she realized that this time would be no different. Sure enough, as soon as the penitent left the confessional, the man knocked on the door and the priest opened to see what was wanted. “Father, it is time for your meeting in the lounge.” Sadly, the woman waited to hear the priest's response. The priest turned and looked to see how many persons were waiting in line. He looked into the eyes of the woman with a gentleness hard to explain. There must have been at least five or more people waiting.

After a brief pause, he turned to the man and said, "Please, ask them to be so kind as to wait a little longer." He then turned and entered the confessional to hear more confessions. The woman entered the confessional and began to thank him for staying, trying to control her tears of thankfulness. It was Father Hardon, as you probably guessed long ago.

Which obligation was more important: the finance committee, or the salvation of a soul?

It is not unusual for folks to arrive at the church, at the appointed time for Confessions, and find that the priest is not there, and does not show up at all.

But it is very disconcerting.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

Happens all too often, sadly.

I have heard stories where the priest wouldn't even be there for confession times. And when he was asked to perform confessions, he literally explained himself out of the duty.

Very troubling.

Al said...

I followed the link. When I saw it was about Fr. Hardon I was not surprized. I know the 1st steps have been taken to open his cause for sainthood. This story is a good example as to why he probably will be declared a saint someday.

Anonymous said...

I went to a parish once for confession during the posted times. After waiting around in the empty church for a long while I decided to walk over to the rectory and knock on the door.

The priest was a bit surpised but he happily heard my confession.

Of course so many priests live in Condos far away from their parishes now that even bold Catholics are out of luck.