Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hoekstra: Brennan Didn't Tell Me That!

Seems as though Director Brennan is a liar.

We mentioned earlier that Sen. Bond and Rep. Boehner were kinda-sorta misled by Brennan about the status of the UndieBomber.

Hoekstra joins the party:

“He never brought this stuff up,” Hoekstra says, adding that the FBI was the natural choice to hold Abdulmutallab until a detainment and interrogation strategy could be settled. “No, I wouldn’t expect the military to be at Detroit Airport waiting to arrest somebody,” Hoekstra adds, but he thought the administration would carefully investigate alternatives and consult with national security principals before moving forward with Miranda rights and other criminal procedures.

Brennan is regarded as a duplicitous Machiavellian character.

Just what we need in national security.

HT: JustOneMinute

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