Monday, February 01, 2010

His Lips Are Moving.....So He's Lying

Teh Won got into it with Jeb (not "Jim," B. Hussein) Obama over budget details.

Teh Won lied. Or, to be kind, he's just friggin' clueless. Take your choice.

In the following, the 'assertion' is what Hensarling charged at the Pubbie retreat--and what B. Hussein SAID was untrue. Too bad that the facts coincide precisely with what Hensarling said, eh?

“The Republicans proposed a (Fiscal Year 2010) budget that ensured that government did not grow beyond the historical standard of 20% of GDP.”

FACT: Under the budget proposal put forward by House Republicans, spending as a percent of GDP is 20.7% of GDP in 2015, and in 10 years is at 20.7% of GDP. Source: House Budget Committee Republicans "The Path to American Prosperity" Budget Alternative, Table S-1 Historical standard is 20.7% of GDP.

...Assertion: “It spent $5 trillion less than what was ultimately enacted into law.”

FACT: The House Republican budget called for $36.913 trillion in spending over 10 years, whereas CBO estimated in March that the President’s budget would spend $41.726 trillion over 10 years. This is a difference of $4.813 trillion over a 10 year period.

...Assertion: “What were the old annual deficits under Republicans have now become the monthly deficits under Democrats.”

FACT: According to CBO's September 2009 Monthly Budget Review, July 2009’s deficit was $181 billion. According to CBO’s December 2009 Monthly Budget Review, October 2009’s deficit was $176 billion. Comparatively, according to OMB’s Historical Tables (Table 1.1), Republicans’ last annual deficit was $160.7 billion in FY2007.
According to CBO’s January Monthly Budget Review, in the first 3 months of FY2010 (October-December 2009) alone, Democrats have run up a deficit of about $390 billion - $22.7 billion shy of the GOP’s worst annual deficit.

Well, those are all real big numbers, B. Hussein. Maybe pictures would help you.


Craig said...

You are a farce. Insulting the president shows a lot of class.

Dad29 said...

The President has insulted every sentient adult in this country since he took office. He lies all the time, about everything.

Ask, e.g., the Left. Is Gitmo closed? Are troops still in Iraq? Did unemployment exceed 8% even with the monster ARRA? And how's dont-ask-dont-tell going?