Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Get Tax Money. Use It to Get MORE Tax Money

Whadda deal.

Veteran political operative Martin Schreiber will lead the push for a transit sales tax and expanded regional transit authorities, the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority decided Monday.

The authority approved an $18,000 contract for Schreiber, the former acting governor, and his lobbying firm through April.

That $18K came from taxes. Schreiber's objective: get MORE tax money.

At the same time, senior business leaders like Ed Zore, chief executive officer of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., and Tim Sullivan, chief executive officer of Bucyrus International Inc., have traveled to Madison to personally lobby legislators to support the transit bill, RTA communications consultant H. Carl Mueller said.

By the way, H Carl Mueller is also being paid with..........yup...........tax money.

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