Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Doylet's "Green Laws" Have a Problem: the US Constitution

Oh, well. Back to the drawing boards.

"Further thought should be given to issues that have been raised with respect to constitutionality and the non-severability clause, so these concerns can be resolved, while staying true to the Task Force's intent," Thilly, chief executive of WPPI Energy, and Tia Nelson, of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, said in a memorandum to the co-chairmen of the special clean energy committees created in the Assembly and Senate.

Nelson and Thilly co-chaired a task force that included representatives of utilities, environmental groups, businesses and legislators.

The concerns are centered on a provision that says any new nuclear plant built in the state must serve Wisconsin consumers only.

That's impossible because of the way electricity flows once it's sent from a power plant along transmission lines.

See the interstate-commerce clause....

Yah. Still think that this bill is NON-political?

Better question: how did a big-time utility exec miss that in the first place?

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