Thursday, February 11, 2010

A College for Grim

Very interesting.

Though right now they are in temporary digs in Lander itself, I had the chance to see where they are going to build their new campus. It will be situated in a valley near Lander. The campus will include a stable for the students’ horses. All students are required to learn to ride.

No cellphones, no 'net connections except in the college library.

When [students] first arrive, they have – if I remember correctly – a three week camping trip guided by pros. They hike and ride and have stargazing trips.

Quite a few of the students have firearms. The gun safe is minded by the college’s chaplain! So… the students get their guns from the priest and practice shooting.

Were it not for that 'swimming the Tiber' thing, one suspects that Grim could be a faculty member.


Grim said...

My, that does look like my kind of place.

I'm not saying it's too late for swimming in the Tiber yet, mind you. It's a decision I've considered carefully for several years. If I were to commit to a formal church, I think Catholicism is head and shoulders above the others; it's only that I have always preferred the faith that comes from thinking about things privately, and discussing them with friends.

That may be an error, but it is how I was raised. Of course, I was raised by Presbyterians, who had been raised by Baptists; and my family were Quakers at one point, before the Civil War convinced them that pacifism was not a viable or moral option.

Dad29 said...

IIRC, Cardinal Newman took the approach you are using. Nothing wrong with that.

And look at the richness of diversity you'll bring!

Neo-Con Tastic said...

"Nothing wrong with that."


Billiam said...

If only I was young again. Where was a place like this when I was done with hs?