Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Cheney Interview

So naturally I watched the Cheney interview, something that Joe Biden didn't really do...

It's clear that Dick Cheney has a different viewpoint on terrorism than did other people in the Bush White House, and some in the Obama White House, but it's a matter of degree.

Cheney is simply more worried about terrorism. And he stated that he was at odds with some Bushies--the AG, for example--on 'what to do with the critters after we capture them.'

Ironically, the Lefty duo at the 'round table' supported at least a part of Cheney's philosophy by pointing out that Obama had pursued more than a few of Cheney's courses of action--one, specifically, was the use of drones to take out AlQ leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obama & Co. are also waffling on the 'civilian trial' idea; apparently RahmSputin is firmly and vociferously opposed.


krshorewood said...

Where none of this holds up is that Cheney doesn't give a crap about you, me or anybody else. So why would he care about terrorism except that he seems to get a thrill out of the idea of torture.

It really doesn't work.

Dad29 said...

Cheney doesn't give a crap about you, me or anybody else

And you are morally certain of that assertion,

Of course, since Cheney and I are not even remotely acquainted, your comment is NARROWLY true. Epistemologically, one cannot 'care' for a person that one doesn't know.

But in the general sense, Cheney was obligated by his oath-of-service to 'care' about the population of the US.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible that he despises you.