Friday, February 05, 2010

Capper Krugman

Economic facts from Capper.

Without a doubt, the fact that our transit system, which has been cut by some 20% over the last few years, has contributed to the fact that the Milwaukee area lost nearly 50,000 jobs in the last year, as well as why we are lagging in our economic recovery.

No doubt at all.


capper said...

Yes, Daddio, we all know that you think you know everything because you listen to Sykes and read PaddyMac. Too bad the business leaders in the area don't agree with you.

When was the last time you headed up a multimillion dollar company?

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Capper, you are out of your f___ing mind if you think we lost 50,000 jobs because of recent cuts in the transit system.

Absolutely delusional.

And, I love how these CEOs are your friends when you want to generate some 'bleeding heart' bullshit but most of the time, they are evil people that tirelessly profit from the working class.

You need to put down the bottle.

Dad29 said...

Business leaders, Capper, are perfectly happy to feed their own businesses. It's what they are PAID to do, and I'm fine with that.

But when they shill for policy or expenditures which are directly opposed to the common good, they're subject to criticism from the commoners.

And Mo'Gummint-Union-workers is NOT the "common good."

See your pension plan, e.g.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

20 to 1 he doesn't respond. Neo and Daddio laid out arguments with logic and reasoning. Capper cannot successfully argue his delusional points when they have been picked apart with logic and reasoning.

But, if he does respond, which he typically doesn't, it will be an entertaining read, no doubt.

Capper, the "Cheddarsphere's" most delusional loon.

Love the Sykes and P-Mac indoctrination comment. Is that all you have lately Capper?

Amy said...

Capper - when did you talk to any business owner who wasn't a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC and da unions?

Because I'm betting the COST of DOING BUSINESS HERE (read: TAXES) has more to do with the lack of business than the buses.

Just wait until Doyle makes the energy prices skyrocket. That'll do wonders for business.

neomom said...

Yah - the loss of the GE jobs, AO Smith, Tower, even Allis-Chalmers for pete's sake. OMG! It was all because of the busses!


capper said...


Reading is fundamental. I said contribute, which means add to, not be the sole cause of, the job loss.


From the Public Policy Forum's research:

Our report also analyzes survey data collected by MCTS from its riders. We found that 43% of
riders use the bus system to get to and from work, and that three‐quarters are “captive”, meaning other transportation choices are not always available to them. As policymakers consider the future of transit in Milwaukee, they must consider that a severe reduction in bus service may negatively impact Milwaukee’s economic competitiveness by impeding the ability of potential workers to get to jobs throughout the region.

I'd say workers getting to their jobs and people getting to the stores to keep the economy moving would be for the common good.


Sorry, I don't respond to tantruming children.


I would refer you to my comment to DCS, but also add that Roundy's and Johnson Financial are hardly liberal companies. But you are so full of hate and paranoia, you wouldn't believe it anyway.

Dad29 said...

So 75% of 43% must have public transportation. Good.

I certainly don't disagree with maintenance of public transport to contribute to the economy. But like anything else sucking tax dollars, it must be carefully evaluated.

As to 'liberal' companies--that is a misleading term. Companies (and their officers) will always advocate solutions which are in THEIR interest. Fine and good; but THEIR interests must be balanced against the good of the whole. Or are you advocating a corporatocracy, Capper?

By the way, Roundy's CEO lives in Illinois--which is why he likes the choochoo.

capper said...

Actually, I am ambivalent about the train, and more than a bit leery about an RTA. But w/out the dedicated funding source for MCTS, it will collapse and with it, the regional economy.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

75% of 43%. So that's like saying that 38% of the time it works every time.

If there is anything on this blog even remotely resembling a "tantruming child", it is your delusional arguments.

I am shocked, SHOCKED that you aren't in favor of the choo choo trains or an RTA. Is it because they won't be unionized, Capper? Or maybe you work as a Bus Driver for MCTS.

For the record, I have read your garbage blog, too. Gotta love the childish post regarding your google search about "Scott Walker achievments". Selectively searching for information on the internet gives you exactly what you want, selective information. Scott Walker achieves more sitting on the can than you do in a month, you twit.

So, when are you going to bring logic and reasoning to your arguments? When you decided to, feel free to let us know.

Dad29 said...

But w/out the dedicated funding source for MCTS, it will collapse and with it, the regional economy.


"The economy" will not collapse without MCTS. And MCTS will not "collapse" without a ded/fund.

Better idea: replace County parks workers with privatizing, same with County highway workers.

Put THAT savings into the bus.

capper said...

Again I would refer you to the Public Policy Forum's report from May 2008. The system will collapse. If Walker and the Board maintain the status quo, at least a third of the system will be cut next year, and the system is already 80% of what it was when Walker took over.

As for your ignorant notion that privatization would save money...

First, the parks idea touted by Walker was already shown not to work as that any extra man hours would be taken up by the repeated trainings and higher level of supervision needed. Furthermore, the County's own audits show that the privatization of other areas, like the food service and the security at the mental health complex, or the food service at HOC, is costing tax payers millions more than if it had been kept in the public sector.

And here I thought you were against wasteful spending...

capper said...

Daddio, can you give DCS a baby bottle or something?

Dad29 said...

The system will collapse. If Walker and the Board maintain the status quo, at least a third of the system will be cut next year, and the system is already 80% of what it was when Walker took over.

So 80% x 30% = "System collapse"?

Looks to me that >50% will still be operative...

And who needs "training" to cut grass? Hell, illegals can do it and they can't read English.

capper said...

I know you're a simpleton, but even you should realize that there is much more to the parks than cutting grass.

Dad29 said...

Building, equipment, and grounds maintenance.

Swimming pool management.

Concessions management.


Gee. That's really a tough list.

Capital planning.

Sale of excess properties.

Yah, that's a really, really tough list. Really tough. Includes adding, subtracting, reading, writing...

Wow. Man. Tough.

capper said...

Apparently it is, since Walker can't handle it.