Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rousing the Rabble: "Common Ground"

"Common Ground" is supported by a number of local Catholic parishes and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Chanting "You broke it! You fix it!," about 75 members of a broad-based group coalition of community groups gathered across the street Tuesday from the downtown Wells Fargo bank to ask Wells Fargo and two other large banks to put up a total of $75 million to help deal with the foreclosure crisis.

Umnnnhhhh...not really. Those banks are trustees for the mortgage holders. They are just intermediaries.

Common Ground, an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, a national community organizing network, started here in 2008 and represents 50 faith and community organizations in the four-county area. It developed its proposals after spending the past year researching the foreclosure issue.

What the JS author (Georgia Pabst) does NOT tell you is that the Industrial Areas Foundation was created by Saul Alinsky. Alinsky's philosophical progeny includes H R Clinton, B Hussein Obama, and others. Further, one of Alinsky's favorite targets was "the Banks."

But readers of the JSOnline don't need to know that, eh?

It would be useful if "Common Ground" directed its ire-and-fire at Congressional vermin who enabled the reckless and irresponsible lending practices resulting in SOME of the foreclosures.

Barney Frank, for example. Chris Dodd also comes to mind. And maybe Ms. Pabst could determine if any local Congresscritters voted with those folks.

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GOR said...

Sounds a lot like ACORN-redux...