Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can Obama 'Do a Clinton'? The "Fixation" Problem

In 1994, Bill Clinton had his ass handed to him in the by-elections and lost his (D) control of Congress. Clinton is no dummy; after spotting a few dresses, he became a middle-of-the-road kinda guy and even signed off on welfare reform.

It is true that Obama is not Bill Clinton. Obama is an Ultra-Lefty, much more inclined to Statism, and he's inclined to let the Congressional Ultra-Lefties (Obey, Pelosi, Stark) play. Clinton had executive experience in a conservative-oriented State; Obama had no executive experience at all.


After Massachusetts, will Obama 'do a Clinton' and go to the middle of the road?

I doubt it, just as does Drew at AOSHQ. But I have a different departure-point.

A friend who is with a large Federal agency in DC tells me that the Administration is markedly, totally, fixed on its agenda--and because of that fixation, has lost the confidence of Federal rank-and-file employees (!!!). It appears to my pal and to his co-workers that Obama & Co. are so determined to yank left, hard, on policy (healthcare, immigration, cap-and-trade, apology-tours) that they are ignoring big red flags in day-to-day Federal operations.

This is akin to ignoring blocking-and-tackling practice in the NFL. You might get away with it for a short time, but at some point the team collapses.

Over the next several months, look for Federal infrastructure weaknesses to go critical. Obama has simply ignored the details of governance (again, that lack of executive experience) and stuff will begin to fall apart at the seams--stuff that is not as newsworthy as "system fails" in HSA, but is equally important.

It COULD be a one-term Presidency.

MORE from Quin Hillyer:

...word is that the White House will try to "double down" and try to force through health care anyhow.

1) It won't work.

2) Obama will make himself so unpopular by doubling down that he will find himself at absolute political war with a solid majority of the country.

3) He will try to use executive orders, regulatory/bureaucratic edicts, and a corrupt Justice Department to force through leftist changes in all sorts of areas of daily life. In short, he will become more openly authoritarian. This means we are in for some rocky times. This man is playing for keeps, and he is not a small 'r' republican at heart. He is an Alinskyite. Power is everything to him. All who believe in limited government must gird up our loins, because (sorry for the cliches) Barack Obama will not go gentle into that good night.

Gee. Where have you heard "Alinsky" before? Hint HERE.


R10 said...

Remember how the Obama administration reacted to the events in Honduras? When Marxist inspired President Manuel Zelaya willfully violated the Honduran constitution, the government pursued the legislative and judicial steps required to oust him. This move was made with the support of his own party, which retained the Presidency as Roberto Micheletti, next in the presidential line of succession, assumed office.

The Obama administration freaked out at this display of due process, and this reaction always struck me as reflecting their biggest fear. Alinskyites that they are, the Obama team must certainly know that pursuing their goal of imposing their definitions of social justice on America, risks backlash. I think Obama saw in Honduras a potential vision of his own future and it haunts him.

Billiam said...

Once you realize that Obama is a narcissist and a 'true believer', you can predict what he'll do.