Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who's Got the Energy for National Security?

The US economy's fuel will not be "green" in the near future, although moving in that direction with due regard for cost/benefit is appropriate.

In the meantime, who's grabbing resources?

...According to the Institute for Energy Research (IER), China is quietly investing in oil and natural gas supplies around the globe, including in North America, while the United States is hoping that wind and solar power will fuel the economy.

In a new report entitled, "China Secures Oil and Gas Resources; U.S. Prefers to Wait for Green Energy," IER explains that China is getting a foothold on oil and natural gas supplies in Canada and the Gulf of Mexico because the United States "seems to be giving it elbow room."

Obama properly categorizes energy as a national security item; but his refusal to explore for and/or utilize petro- and gas-resources, thus making them available to foreign powers, contradicts in action what he says in words.

We'll stop paying the Arabs and start paying the Chinese. How does THAT 'reduce foreign-energy dependence'?

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