Saturday, December 12, 2009

Swine Flu Update

From Ritholtz:

The WSJ reports today that 1 in 6 Americans were exposed to H1N1, and of those “47 million Americans who were sickened with swine flu from April to mid-November, 9,820 of them died.”

Umnnnhhhh...yah. And as we all know, the flu typically is fatal ONLY if there are 'other underlying conditions.'

The cynic would suggest that Obama's Administration played the CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS card for two reasons: 1) because a crisis is a good thing to Rahmsputin; and 2) because there was a payoff for the pharmaceuticals here.

But that's just what a cynic might think.

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nick said...

Well i personally we should all get vaccinated, and I'm not talking only about priority groups.
"According to Health officials there is a major increase in the vaccination production."
You can read more at news and micro blogs