Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ritholtz on Gift Cards

Barry doesn't like 'em.

But he has a few suggested alternatives. I like this one:

4) Best of all: Just give them the damned cash. Hey, its gonna be worthless in a few years anyway — you might as well start giving it away now, while it still has some value!


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J. Strupp said...

I can only assume Barry fears (hyper)inflation. But does he? The very next post is in regards to the fall in M3 which completely contradicts his previous assertion. Again, the inflation hawks spend more time screaming about deficits and inflation and less time actually looking at the data in front of them.

Deal with the deficit LATER. 2013, 2014, maybe much later at this pace. We have more immediate problems, namely, improving aggragate demand thus boosting employment.