Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Real "Cost" of ObamaCare? You May Never Know

They're playing all the games they can to avoid a full-on cost disclosure.

Cato's Michael Cannon has been arguing for months that Congressional Budget Office estimates have not been measuring the full price tag of Obamacare, because they aren't taking into account the private sector costs of components such as the insurance coverage mandate

...Cannon points to a CBO memo that was released with little fanfare over the weekend, and calls it the "smoking gun" showing that there has been a concerted effort among Democrats to make sure the CBO does not start taking into account the cost of mandates and new regulations

"The Medical Loss Ratios memo is the smoking gun," Cannon writes. "It shows that indeed, Democrats have been submitting proposals to the CBO behind closed doors and tailoring their private-sector mandates to avoid having those costs appear in the federal budget. Proposals that would result in a complete cost estimate — such as the proposal by Sen. Rockefeller discussed in the Medical Loss Ratios memo — are dropped.

Your Senators, Kohl and Feingold, are complicit by extension in this deception. (You're not shocked!!!, are you?)

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