Monday, December 07, 2009

ObamaCare Alliance Crumbling

It's about damn time...

The Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business have finally figured out they were being taken for a ride. And now even the Business Roundtable, the association of CEOs from the largest companies, is engaged in a furious internal debate about the way forward. The Roundtable has been vaguely supportive but restive. But last week Roundtable president John Castellani was informed in a contentious conference call that many of his members will quit if the organization isn't more assertive against ObamaCare.

...Instead of increasing the competition and consumer choice that would result in better value and reduce the annual double-digit cost increases in health spending, ObamaCare will simply expand the status quo and make it more expensive.

Very early on (actually, during the GWB Administration), both Silicon Valley and Detroit's "Big Three" were calling for Gummint health insurance. In the case of the Big Three, that was really a call for a bailout.

And the WSJ's final paragraph is important:

The choice isn't between the status quo with all its flaws and ObamaCare. It's between ObamaCare, and a better reform alternative.

No doubt about it.

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God Of Bacon said...

A single payer system that puts all those health insurance scammers out of business would have been better for everyone.