Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lieberman Doesn't Have a "Moral Dilemma"

Joe Lieberman has decided that forcing taxpayers to support abortions is just fine. asked Lieberman: “Do you think it is morally right to take [tax] money from pro-life Americans and give it to health plans that cover abortion? What is your opinion on that? Is it morally right?”

Lieberman said: “Oh, as somebody once said, that’s a hard question to answer on one foot, but it happens all the time because we put money into a general pot and then it goes to things that some people support and some don’t.”

Like, for example, the heavy and continuous support of Israel, Joe?

For a guy who makes a show of his Orthodox Jewish beliefs, Joe isn't gaining any allies amidst those who are Roman Catholic and Southern Baptist.

Lieberman added, “It’s hard though, it’s hard because it’s a moral question.”

No, Joe. You're doing the easy thing, not the hard thing. Don't spray "moral" foofoodust around the room, Joe. You don't have a claim to the high ground. You're just posing.

And we can see it all the way from Wisconsin.


Tim Morrissey said...

Ain't THAT the truth.

Billiam said...

I hope he doesn't try to use the age old canard that his faith is 'private'. If your faith doesn't guide your actions, then your 'faith' is a chimera.