Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Is McConnell Playing Footsie to Pass ObamaCare?

Erickson is a hard-liner. Kinda like Nitschke, or Butkus--just smash-mouth, please. No fancy lace.

So Erickson asks:

...But, with amendments to the Obama government health care takeover sailing through the Senate almost as quickly as they’re read, some conservative insiders are wondering why the GOP is not taking advantage of Senate rules to slow down the votes and delay the final vote until after Christmas.

...even some House leaders are wondering why McConnell doesn’t simply require unanimous consent on any, or every, amendment that comes to the floor. The maneuver would force Reid to get 60 votes before proceeding on each amendment. And some of the bill’s opponents are suggesting it could sideline it until next Christmas.

Of course, it is looking more and more likely that Mitch McConnell actually wants the legislation to pass. He seems to be gambling that if it passes, he becomes Senate Majority Leader.

That would be a really big mistake, Mitchie-boy. You can wear lace all you want after you retire.

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