Monday, December 07, 2009

Even MORE From the USCC

Did we talk about just closing the doors on this sham?

Sometimes you get the feeling that the tiller of the USCCB is slipping to and fro with no direction...just vapid aimlessness. Right you are: "The Wanderer," the nation's premier national Catholic publication features a story in its Dec. 3 issue by my colleague Chris Manion that the Conference of Bishops under George's "leadership" [sic] has just spent $2 million of the money collected from the pews to pay experts to prove that homosexuality played no role in the clerical abuse scandals. Very interesting since it is clear that the Church's biggest problem comes from the lavender clergy which was allowed to expand since the 1960s...and which has seen no reversal since George has been at the...ahem ..."helm." Hiring "experts" to ratify the presuppositions of the boss is an old gig...something that no amount of parsing-parsing-parsing can justify...

Sure. And there is a "hockey stick" in temps because of AGW--mostly CO2, of course.


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