Monday, December 14, 2009

BOHICA: Here Comes ObamaCare (Senate)

Hmmmm. Via Ace:

Major Garrett reports Harkin says the Reid Medicare Option is now out of ObamaCare.

More: Garrett also reports Lieberman can vote for the rest of the package, which is bad news, but not really new news, as he essentially already said he'd vote for the bill if it just contained the "subsidies" and restrictions on insurers.

There's no 'public option' w/o the Medicare buy-in. Will Nancy ram this through the House?

And there IS the abortion funding. Will the USBishops make a fuss?


Deekaman said...

It's just more incrementalism. I a few years, it's "Hey...we got this whole thing...let's make it 'better' by having the government run it!"

Billiam said...

They are another step closer to destroying America. Next!

Amy said...

But if there's no public option, won't some of the socialized medicine loving Dems vote against the bill?